Smartphones are now common everywhere. Nearly everyone has access to smartphone. Everyone is master of his phone today from taking calls to accessing internet these things are common but apart from these features very few know about certain features that are no so pronounced by everyone and not even by companies. So we have categorized them as hidden features. Down below the article we present you certain features that remains hidden.

smartphone secret reveled

Starting with lost notification

1- The lost notification

Have you been victim of accidently removing your notification from the notification bar. You can get those notification back. Seems interesting! For that you will be needing you tap over the Widget shortcut by long pressing on the blank home screen. Then tap and hold the settings shortcut. Then another dialog will appear. Then choose for notification log, it will place a setting shortcut and notification will be written under it. Press it and then enjoy.

2- Know your IMEI number

IMEI number is a unique number of your phone that is helpful in certain cases. It is generally provided by the manufacturer and is written on the box of your smartphone. You will find it useful in certain cases like you lost your phone or related cases. It works only for android! I am not sure about iPhone. You can retrieve it by pressing- *#06#. Good luck iPhone users.

3- Save the webpage as PDF for offline reading (google Chrome)

Do you have felt the need of reading a webpage offline. It might get irritating if not done properly. If you have a Google Chrome hen it’s quite easy. Open your desired web page then open the options in the chrome by pressing the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner. Then press the share option. You will see the print option touch it. It will save the webpage as PDF.

4- Power button ends Call

It’s a good android trick that proves helpful in certain situation. You need to turn it on from the accessibility option. Try it.

5-Boot in safe mode

Yes, it is also possible in Android. You need to long press the power off option after pressing the power button.

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